The charity LinkEthiopia was set up in 1996 to foster links between schools in Ethiopia and the UK. Here at St Stephen’s we are linked with Atse Bekafa, a school in the Gondar region of Ethiopia (see map below) which educates students throughout  the age range.

This link encourages students from both schools to be aware of the diversity of our lives and cultures but also of the common aims that exist between us. We exchange letters once or twice a year and support them by raising as much money as we can each year through a variety of events.

Some of the fundraising events are whole school events, such as mufti days or a film afternoon, some are organised by year groups or classes, while some money is raised by small groups or individual children, all of which is greatly appreciated. We always welcome any new ideas for fundraising or anyone who wishes to organise an event either in or out of school to support those who have so much less than us.


The link coordinator for Atse Bekafa at St Stephen’s is Mrs Alison Scott.

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