National Curriculum

Stephen’s CofE VA Primary School follows the Early Years Foundation Stage National Framework and the National Curriculum.

The National Curriculum provides an outline of core knowledge and as such is just one element in the education of every child. There is time and space in the school day to range beyond the national curriculum specifications.

At St Stephen’s we provide an enabling environment with challenges and enriching experiences that relate closely to the needs of our children in our community. We have an excellent and committed team who work together to ensure our children experience success. It is important to us that the experiences we offer enable our children to achieve successes in all areas of our curriculum. We are very proud of the many enriching and diverse activities in which our children take part. This helps them to ‘find a place in the world that is the right shape for them’. We want our children to love learning and to be lifelong learners so we work hard to offer opportunities to our children that will open their minds and hearts to all they can achieve.

Reading and Phonic Schemes
St Stephen's School use a range of reading and phonic teaching resources to support children’s learning.  Our core schemes are the Letters and Sounds Synthetic Phonic Programme and the Oxford Reading Tree.

Further Information in school
Parents are truly valued as partners in their children’s learning and as such are invited to evening meetings to find out more about the way we teach english and mathematics, as well as a range of other information. These tend to be particularly frequent in the very early months of a child's reception experience although they are also offered for parents across the whole school.

Curriculum Forecasts

Curriculum Forecasts provide an overview of the topic, or theme, and the subjects that will be covered during the school term.

2018/2019 Term 3

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Inclusion (SEND)

St Stephen’s CE Primary School is fully committed to providing an inclusive education for all children. We have a culture of high expectations and children with Special Educational Needs are given equal opportunities to succeed and engage in all activities alongside their peers.
For full details of our provision please view our SEND Booklet and our SEND Policy

High Quality Physical Education and Activity

In addition to our curriculum provision, we offer a broad selection of sport after school clubs, some of which are hosted on-site, and some of which use local facilities such as Lansdown Tennis Club.

Please see the After School Clubs section of the website for more details.

 Competitive School Sport

There is a clear reference to competition in the new 2014 PE curriculum whether children are competing against themselves, against their peers, or against other schools. Recent sporting achievements include:

  • Football (boys) 6 aside competition: BANES Champions.
  • Football (girls) 6 aside competition: BANES Champions.
  • Football (girls) County Champions.
  • Football (boys): Runners up in BANES Challenge Cup competition.
  • Football (boys): South West Regional Finals.
  • Football: Yr5 BANES indoor Champions.
  • Football (boys): Yr3/4 BANES 6 a-side competition: Fourth place.
  • Cricket (Girls) BANES Competition: Champions and also Somerset Champions and South West National Champions.
  • Cricket (Y6 Boys) Runners up and Plate winners.
  • Cricket (Yr5 Boys) Semi-finalists and pool.
  • Gymnastics (Yr3/4 and Yr5/6) Y5/6 BANES Champions.
  • Hockey (Y3/4): Sunday League Champions.
  • Hockey (Y5/6): Sunday League Champions.
  • Hockey (Yr6) Cup runners up.
  • Hockey (Yr3/4) Plate winners.
  • Swimming: 5th place in BANES Gala.
  • Tennis (Yr3/4): BANES Champions.

During the academic year well over 300 children have represented the school in a competitive sporting environment, comprising the above formal opportunities, and also several ‘friendly’ cricket and football matches including children from Year 2 upwards.


We believe that all children benefit from regular independent learning away from the classroom. We value this extension of school as a means of enhancing your child’s learning and helping them develop self-discipline. Homework provides the opportunity to reinforce, enrich and extend learning.

A wide variety of activities can be set. These activities range from reading, written exercises, numeracy, projects, background reading to personal research, library and museum work.

Homework Brochures

Our homework brochures set out the key information for each year group about class homework for the coming year.

Whole School Homework Brochure (pdf document)

2014-15 (pdf documents)

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